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ICSU President Yuan Tseh Lee opens International Polar Year Conference

ICSU President Yuan Tseh Lee was present at the opening ceremony of International Polar Year conference in Montreal on 23 April , 2012. In his speech, he celebrated IPY as a triumph of global science, in that coordination was first led by ICSU and the WMO, and subsequently the global science community took hold and assumed ownership of IPY.

“The initiative has been an enormous success by any measure: science of the highest quality; involvement of a vast number of disciplines; support by many nations including our generous host Canada; effective education and outreach to the public; and now a full-on effort to explore the implications of IPY science for our world, and what we should do about it.”

He highlighted the critical importance of IPY discoveries, which have further clarified the profound changes occurring in the polar regions, and how these have serious implications for the future of our planet.

“We are all immensely proud of the IPY. It stands as proof that when the global scientific community mobilizes with passion and excitement, we can do great things together.”

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