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INGSA Workshop on Scientific Advice to Governments

The Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences of the University of Sao Paulo hosted one of INGSA’s Workshop on Scientific Advice to Governments.

This workshop was held on October 29 and 30 at the Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences at the University of Sao Paulo. The event counted with the participation of around 20 people, among them Carlos Abeledo, chairman of the steering committee of INGSA for Latin America and the Caribbean; Dr. Manuel Limonta, regional director of ISC ROLAC; Sergio Adorno, from the Nucleus of the Study of Violence; Guillermo Anllo, from the UNESCO-ROSTLAC office, Ennio Candotti, General Director of the Museum of the Amazon (MUSA); Jose Goldmberg, Former President of FAPESP.

They made presentations and exercises at this workshop, which were prepared by the INGSA authorities similar to the ones previously carried out in Panama, with the purpose of training the participants in work scenarios as advisers in different situations of the governments of their countries of residence. The main participation was from Brazil and Uruguay, as well as a representation of 4 researchers from New Zealand, sent by Peter Gluckman, main coordinator of INGSA’s international program.

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