Introducing new Member of the ISC: The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia

The Academy of Social Sciences Australia (ASSA) joined the ISC in July 2020. In this brief interview, we hear more about the Academy and its activities.

Focused on understanding society and its institutions, the social sciences help people to understand how to interact with the social world by influencing policy, developing networks, increasing government accountability, and promoting democracy.

Q: As an introduction to ASSA, could you please tell us a bit more about the organization, its activities, and its members?

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia was established in 1971 to recognise and champion excellence in the social sciences and to provide evidence-based advice on a range of social policy issues. The Academy comprises of an elected Fellowship of over 700 distinguished Australian social science researchers and professionals who work together to:

  • Provide advice to governments on issues of national importance
  • Promote understanding and awareness of the social sciences; and
  • Coordinate international cooperation and collaboration in the social sciences.

The Academy is an independent, non-government organisation committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in the social sciences; particularly the involvement and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Q: Why does the organization (and its members) consider it valuable to be part of the ISC?

We value the facilitation of international social science research exchange and collaboration to promote the development of social science research capabilities. Being a member of the ISC is a key way to be part of this important exchange.

Q: What are ASSAs key priorities for the next few years? What do you see as the key priorities for science in the coming years?

Some of our priorities over the coming years include:

  • Supporting and enabling the next generation of Australian social scientists
  • Developing and advancing robust solutions to nationally important issues, and
  • Advocating for systems and resources that support world class social science research and policy advice.  

The key priorities for science in the coming years include working together to increase engagement with policy makers and ensuring evidence-based information is shared globally.

Read more about our priorities in our Strategic Plan.

Q: Delivering the projects outlined in our 2019 – 2021 Action Plan will highly depend on close collaboration with our members. Are there any projects that ASSA is particularly interested and/or considering getting involved in?

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia has a broad interest in all of the priorities and projects identified in the Action Plan; particularly those projects and activities focused on the Asia-Pacific region. As new members of the ISC, we expect to gain a greater understanding of the Council’s activities and potential opportunities for involvement over time.

Learn more about our members by browsing the ISC membership online directory.

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