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ISC call for partners: collaborating on issues related to scientific freedom and responsibility in science

Connect and work with the ISC Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science.


The Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science (CFRS) of the International Science Council works to uphold and protect the freedoms that scientists should enjoy, and the responsibilities they carry, while engaging in scientific practice. This includes monitoring and responding to threats to scientific freedoms and advising on responsible practice in challenging contexts.

CFRS monitors individual and generic cases of scientists whose freedoms and rights are restricted as a result of carrying out their scientific research, and provides assistance in such cases where its intervention can provide relief and support activities of other relevant actors.

Ongoing engagement

The CFRS stands ready to work with all ISC Members regarding their concerns related to scientific freedom or responsibility in science anywhere in the world, and all ISC Members are invited to signal, at any time, a respective case of concern with the committee by contacting the CFRS Executive Secretary Vivi Stavrou.


Vivi Stavrou

Vivi Stavrou

Senior Science Officer, Executive Secretary

Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science, International Science Council

Vivi Stavrou

Call for partners

The CFRS is seeking to connect and work more closely with like-minded groups (such as committees, task forces, working groups, networks, etc.) and individuals within the ISC membership who share an interest in and/or deal with issues related to scientific freedom and responsibility.

Please consider sharing with us relevant information about any such groups or individuals by completing the online form below.

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