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Contribute to the ISC-INGSA needs assessment survey on science advice to policy training | deadline: 22 July

Thank you for contributing to this survey by completing the online form below by 22 July.

The ISC is partnering with the International Network for Governmental Science Advice (INGSA) to deliver a training course to the ISC membership on providing science advice to policy-makers.

The objectives are as follows:

  • Strengthen individual capacity of scientists and other professionals affiliated to the ISC to work at the science policy interface by developing the skills and broad knowledge base of evidence-informed policy-making landscape, including relevant national and global policy processes;
  • Foster peer learning and exchange among ISC Members and with the ISC secretariat on methods, approaches and tools to deliver scientific advice to policy-makers.
  • Strengthen institutional capacity of ISC Members to work at the science-policy interface within their own national country contexts, as well as at the regional and global levels.

The overarching objective of the proposed learning modules is to familiarize researchers, and policy practitioners with the theory and practice of science advice for public policy-making. On completion of core modules, learners will:

  • have gained a broad operational knowledge of the dynamic and interconnected processes, actors and organizational arrangements at the interface between science and public policy with a focus on the national level,
  • have learned how to map, understand and activate these processes, actors and organizations within their own local and institutional contexts.
  • have developed the ability to critically analyze complex issues from multiple perspectives to better understand the barriers and opportunities for evidential input and the role it can play in transformative policy development.


The training is expected to be carried out between September and December 2024, through a series of webinars, online modules, etc.


Anne-Sophie Stevance

Anne-Sophie Stevance

Senior Science Officer, Head

Global Science Policy Unit, International Science Council

Anne-Sophie Stevance


In order to inform the development of the training to meet the needs of the wide and diverse ISC membership, we would like to request ISC Members to fill out the survey below. Thank you for contributing to the survey by 22 July.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Does your Member organization routinely/regularly provide scientific advice to decision-makers (e.g. government, UN system)?
What kind of policy outputs does your Member organization typically produce?
What needs does your organization have that this science-policy training programme could contribute to address?
Whom within your Member organization would be most relevant to participate in the training?
Data protection: Please see below the link to the ISC privacy policy data protection. Respondents should be aware that the ISC will hold the information submitted for the duration of the initiative .

INGSA convening for its 10-year anniversary in Kigali, Rwanda (May 2024)

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