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New cooperation initiatives from the ISC’s Latin America and Caribbean Regional Focal Point

In a recent meeting organized by the Colombian government, the ISC’s Regional Focal Point secures new ties with over 50 regional scientific organizations.

After the first meeting with its newly formed Liaison Committee, the ISC Regional Focal Point for Latin America and the Caribbean (RFP-LAC) held a successful online meeting with the Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation (CTI) of the Colombian Government. Among the participants were representatives of various institutions interested in cooperation, including government representatives and non-governmental organizations. The CTI’s main role is to secure coordination on public policy matters, strategies, programs and projects that contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of the National System of Competitiveness and Innovation.

The meeting was an initiative of the Colombian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the National Development Department. The International Science Council had the opportunity to introduce its Regional Focal Point to more than 50 Colombian institutions and organizations, share its vision of science as a global public good and present its mission to act as the global voice for science. The Regional Focal Point also restated the Council’s commitment to offer scientific advice to governments all over the world.

About the Regional Focal Point – Latin America and the Caribbean

The Regional Focal Point has been operating since January 2022 from the Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. Since its launch, it has been establishing links with various government entities and carrying out activities with large LatAm groups interested in cooperating with the ISC.

For example, the RFP has established a link with the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development (IYBSSD), has participated in the General Assembly of the Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS) that would allow to strengthen the ties offered by the Liaison Committee, and has had meetings with the regional offices of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR-LAC), the International Network for Governmental Science Advice (INGSA-LAC), and with the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR).

Among the first activities of the Regional Focal Point are the encouragement of young academies in the region to become members of the ISC by extending the Council’s offer of free Affiliate Membership to eligible young scientific groups. It will also focus on identification of national academies of sciences in the region that have experience in projects related to the scientific priorities of the ISC’s Action Plan, and on strengthening of links with scientists interested in offering scientific advice in the region.

If you wish to contact the RFP-LAC of the ISC, do not hesitate to write to:

Carolina Santacruz

Carolina Santacruz-Perez

Science Officer, Latin American and Caribbean Region

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Image by Franz W. from Pixabay.

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