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Call for Members’ nominations to the ISC Nominations and Elections Committee | deadline: 16 April

Nominations are now closed.

The Governing Board of the ISC is calling for Members’ nominations to the Nominations and Elections Committee for the period 2024–2028.

Each ISC Member organization in Category 1, 2 or 3 in good standing may nominate a single candidate for the Nominations and Elections Committee. Members may also endorse any number of nominees of other Members.

Download the full call for nominations including the terms of reference of the Nominations and Elections Committee

Note a correction (dated 13 March 2024) to the Call for Nominations, part VII, ‘Calendar’, of Appendix B, ‘Terms of Reference’ to clarify that the Governing Board elections will be electronic and held in mid-December 2024.’

Background to the call

In accordance with the ISC Statutes and Rules of Procedure adopted following the extraordinary General Assembly on 28–29 February 2024, a Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) shall be established to advise on and direct the processes of nomination, election and appointment of members of the ISC Governing Board (Statute 38).

The NEC is established to ensure the appropriateness, effectiveness, and inclusiveness of the composition of the ISC Governing Board; and equally to ensure greater representation of the ISC membership in processes related to the composition of the Governing Board.

The NEC is composed as follows:

i. An independent chair proposed by the Governing Board, being an individual who is not representing or active in any ISC Member or its advisory bodies
ii. 2 Governing Board members not seeking re-election
iii. 1 nominee from the Fellowship Council
iv. 3 nominees from Category 1 Members
v. 3 nominees from Category 2 Members
vi. 1 nominee from Category 3 Members

Key qualities and characteristics of members of the NEC

The main qualities sought in members of the NEC are:

  • Significant familiarity with the ISC;
  • Experience in governance and leadership of science organizations, especially in international or complex structures;
  • Deep knowledge of the evolution of science systems and science policy internationally;
  • Interest in promoting cooperation and integration in science for a strengthened international science agenda;
  • Capacity to devote significant time to the role during election periods.

Nominations may come not only from the worlds of science and its ecosystem, but also from business and civil society.

Appointed members of the NEC may not seek to become a member of the Governing Board.

Nominators should ensure that their candidates are fully informed of the responsibilities of NEC members, as outlined in the Terms of Reference in Appendix B of the call.

The Governing Board will attempt to ensure geographical, disciplinary, gender, ethnicity, career stage and sectoral diversity on the NEC, and will propose a composition of the NEC for the approval of the General Assembly in an electronic vote.

Further details of the duties of the ISC NEC are provided in the Terms of Reference.

The nomination process

Nominations may be submitted by ISC Members through the online form below.

Each nomination will require:

  1. Contact information for the nominating organization
  2. Contact information for the nominee, including a telephone number where they can be reached in April/May 2024
  3. A justification of the nomination by the ISC Member, illustrating how the candidate satisfies the criteria for selection outlined above (maximum 800 words)
  4. A short statement of the intention of the nominee to serve if appointed.

Endorsing other Members’ nominations

It is possible to endorse the nominations of other Members through a short online form below. A short statement of 200 words susbtantiating the endorsement can be provided.


The deadline for submission of nominations and endorsements is 16 April 2024.

Timeline for nominations and appointment process (updated 29 April)

12 March 2024– Call for Members’ nominations for NEC
– Request to the Fellowship Council to make one or more nominations to the NEC
16 April 2024– Deadline for Members’ nominations for the NEC
– Opening of registration for Members’ voting delegates
7 May 2024– Notification to the selected candidates
10 May 2024– Proposed composition of the NEC is sent to Members
– Close of registration of Members’ voting delegates
13 May 2024– Voting opens on the composition of the NEC
20 May 2024– Voting closes on the composition of the NEC
24 May 2024– Announcement of the composition of the NEC
27 May 2024– NEC convenes, receives briefing from the President and CEO
30 May 2024– NEC convenes to develop call for nominations for Governing Board positions
11 June 2024– Announcement of serving Governing Board members confirmed for an extended mandate
– Call for nominations for Governing Board members
30 August 2024– Deadline for nominations for Governing Board members
15 October 2024– Circulation of lists of candidates for Governing Board positions to the Members
11-16 December 2024– Governing Board elections (electronic)


Should you have any questions regarding the nomination and appointment process, please do not hesitate to contact ISC Operations Director, Sarah Moore,

Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

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