Non-fiction film-making under the spotlight at Ethnografilm

The Ethnografilm festival returns to Paris this week, with over 90 films highlighting the social world to be shown between the 16th and 20th April.

The Ethnografilm Festival is a unique event that celebrates the art of non-fiction film-making and the field of video ethnography as a way of understanding the social world. Over the course of four days, more than 90 films will be shown and discussed by the audience of independent and academic filmmakers from across the world. Ethnografilm has been described as an academic conference with films in place of papers – and live peer review.

The opening reception on 16 April will feature music by guitarists Alex Stuart and Maciek Pysz, and a special presentation on the ‘Archeology of Soundscape’ by Mylène Pardoen.

The Festival takes place at the Theatre Lepic, in the heart of Paris’s historic Montmartre district.

The ISC co-sponsors the Ethnografilm festival, together with the Society for Social Studies of Science (4s), which is a member association of the ISC.

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