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Pavel Kabat appointed WMO Chief Scientist and Research Director

The World Metereological Organization (WMO) has appointed Pavel Kabat its first chief scientist and research director, with responsibility for strategic scientific direction, including the ICSU co-sponsored programme World Climate Research Programme (WCRP).

Kabat is currently director general and chief executive officer of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), based in Vienna.

In his role, he will maintain close interactions with WMO Members, partners, and sponsoring organizations to ensure that their strategies and priorities are reflected in WMO programmes. Kabat will also be responsible for building strategic research partnerships and coordinating active dialogue between science and operations, and promoting measures to ensure a more integrated research effort across all WMO activities. He is also expected to further advance WMO  contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals agenda.

Trained as a mathematician and hydrologist, Professor Kabat’s almost-30-year research career has covered earth system science and global change, with a specific focus on land-atmosphere interactions, climate hydrology, the water cycle, and water resources.

ICSU has been leading the ongoing review of WCRP, with a report now finalized and expected to be published in June, once co-sponsors of the programme have had a chance to respond.

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