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Peter Gluckman, ISC President, awarded Singapore’s Presidential Science and Technology Medal

The President’s Science and Technology Awards (PSTA) are the highest honours bestowed on exceptional research scientists and engineers in Singapore for their excellent achievements in science and technology.

The President’s Awards were first presented in 2009 and over the years, have recognized many outstanding scientists and engineers who have made a significant impact on the economy and society, in Singapore and beyond – from healthcare and biomedical sectors, to quantum sciences and AI, and other areas.

The President’s Awards recognize the contributions of individuals who have:

  • Played instrumental roles in the enhancement of Singapore’s scientific and research environment, national policies and structures
  • Demonstrated outstanding vision and leadership, giving rise to institutional impact (establishment of key national R&D infrastructure) and individual recognition at the international stage
  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting and managing R&D portfolios in Singapore on a sustained basis over the last decade.
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From the President’s medal celebrations:

Peter Gluckman was awarded the President’s Science and Technology Medal for his outstanding contributions to advancing health, clinical and biomedical sciences research. In particular, he was instrumental in building Singapore’s early life research landscape since 2007 as the scientific architect behind the development of cohort studies that had a strong focus on understanding the links between maternal health and early childhood development. These studies, carried out in close partnership with key institutions (National University Health System, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, NUS, and A*STAR), have yielded deep insights into metabolic disease and other major diseases in Singapore. They have, in turn, had a positive impact on local healthcare policy and practice.

Professor Gluckman’s strong background in research commercialization helped to attract industry investment to Singapore. He successfully convinced key food and nutrition companies of Singapore’s value as a regional R&D hub, and to undertake research and clinical trials in maternal and infant nutrition in Singapore. He has also nurtured a pipeline of talent who have gone on to develop and support scientific capabilities required in the human potential domain, such as the developmental origins of brain and metabolic health in both children and adults.

On the international stage, Professor Gluckman has written and spoken extensively on science policy, risk assessment, science diplomacy, and science-society interactions. He continues to influence international policies and research through notable forums and platforms. He served for several years as the Chief Science Advisor to the New Zealand Prime Minister. Professor Gluckman also led the regional network of Chief Scientific Advisors and Equivalents, an extension arm of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), as well as the Small Advanced Economies Initiative (SAEI), which brought together Singapore, New Zealand, Israel, Finland and Denmark and Ireland to discuss issues relating to science and innovation in small country economies.

The ISC congratulates Peter Gluckman on his award.

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