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Planning moves ahead on ESSI

The Earth System Sustainability Initiative (ESSI) will provide a new overarching framework for global environmental change research – and be expected to unify or strategically integrate relevant components of the existing ICSU-sponsored Global Environmental Change Programmes.

The Transition Team overseeing the 18-month design phase for the Earth System Sustainability Initiative and charged with delivering an implementation plan for the initiative by the end of 2012, is set to meet in San Francisco, USA on 9-11 December, where it will work on the research strategy and institutional design for ESSI, as well as outline a strategy for communication, education and interaction with stakeholders.

The drafts will be presented at the Planet under Pressure Conference in London (March 2012) for broad discussion within the community.

ESSI received the strong support of the ICSU membership at the 30th General Assembly in Rome.

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