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Speaking up for diversity in science through the ‘Working Scientist’ Science Diversified podcast series

The ISC is supporting a mini-series of the Nature 'Working Scientist' podcast dedicated to diversity in science – why it matters, and how to improve it. Listen now to the first episode of the podcast.

The kind of complex challenges facing societies today need science, and science needs diversity in order to advance. That’s the message at the heart of a new series launched today as part of Nature‘s ‘Working Scientist’ podcast and produced with the support of the International Science Council.

In the six-part series, the ISC will explore diversity in science, asking how to make science genuinely inclusive and to combat discrimination. It will analyse the practical steps that can be put in place to improve diversity in science workplaces and ways of working, and how organizations such as the ISC can be ‘better allies for better science’.​

Through a series of interviews with different members of the ISC’s community,  we’ll hear stories of those championing diversity, and celebrate different perspectives.

In the first episode, ISC Chief Executive Officer Heide Hackmann outlines the Council’s mission to be the global voice for science – stating that in order for science to be as strong as it possibly can be, it must include the perspectives, insights, ideas, talent and voices of all scientists.

Heide also introduces the ISC’s ongoing project on combating systemic racism and other forms of discrimination. And Anthony Bogues, Professor of Humanities and Critical Theory and Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University, argues that we must first acknowledge the issues of race that are intimately bound up with the emergence of modern science, in order to really step up and take action for change.

The ISC is supporting this miniseries of the ‘Working Scientist’ podcast series as part of our commitment to making science equitable and inclusive. Through dedicated sections at the end of each episode, we highlight work being undertaken through different ISC programmes, projects and networks, and particularly ongoing initiatives on Combating systemic discrimination, and on Gender equality in science.

Listen to the podcast here.

For science to advance, we need diverse voices – join the discussion on our social media with #diversityinscience.

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