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Supporting new voices to join the dialogue on sustainability research and innovation

The ongoing SRI Congress is bringing together sustainability science researchers from across the world to share knowledge and foster new collaborations.

Securing a just transition to more sustainable development pathways demands integrated knowledge from across the sciences, as well as from innovators and civil society change-makers.

In light of this challenge, thousands of sustainability researchers from around the world are meeting now for the first annual Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress (SRI Congress), which is taking place in Brisbane, Australia, and online as a virtual conference bringing together participants from across the world.

The ISC’s initiatives, funded research programmes and wider networks are well represented in a number of different sessions at the Congress – find out more and register for different sessions in the overview here.

In addition, through its Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, the ISC is supporting the participation of more than 30 early-career researchers and professionals from countries in the Asia-Pacific region. As Sakshi Mankotia, PhD Student at the Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi, India, explains:

“Science is a service to humanity. The rapid increase in global crises such as climate change, pollution levels and disasters can be addressed through scientific collaborations across the nations with sustainable growth approach.”

Fostering that kind of scientific collaboration across the nations – and across all sectors – is one of the key aims of SRI2021.

SRI2021 is convened by Future Earth, Belmont Forum and Future Earth Australia. The International Science Council is a sponsor of SRI2021.

Find out more on the Congress website.

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