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The 2nd ISC Regional Committee for Africa meeting

The 2nd ISC RCA meeting was held on the 20 – 21 March 2019 in Dakar, Senegal. During this meeting, which was attended all Committee statutory members and three ex-officio members, got an update on and discussed ISC ROA planned activities and budgets for 2019/20 where they reviewed a report on the financial performance of the Office.

The Committee discussed ISC ROA planned activities and budgets of the 2019/20 and gave inputs to the proposed activities of the draft outline of the APP and budget for 2020/21 financial year.

The members also made recommendations for updating the outline of the Office’s APP and Budget for the 2020/21 such that these activities of the Regional Office are aligned with the ISC Challenge Domains. The Committee also got updates on the ISC global activities, the proposed focus of the Council and the progress on the development of the ISC Regional Strategy. The meeting was organized in collaboration with and partial supported by the National Academy of Science and Technology of Senegal.

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