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TWAS 14th General Conference & 28th General Meeting

Trieste, Italy, was the host for the 14th general Conference and 28th General Meeting of the TWAS. Dr. Manuel Limonta, representing ISC ROLAC, attended the meeting

The meetings in Trieste were held between November 26 and November 29, 2018. On the 26th, the council meeting was held where aspects related to all the work of the academy were discussed. The minutes of the previous meeting, the membership, the funds, the general agenda, and the whole program of the TWAS General Assembly were analyzed. The meeting was chaired by the president of TWAS, Chunli Bai; Romain Murenzi, executive director; Ajay K. Sood, General Secretary, and the rest of the members. The list of participants to the general meeting was made of 300 academics and officials from around 60 countries. Chunli Bai, who is also president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, announced that this was the end of his second term, and that TWAS Professor, Muhammad H. Hassan, would be the new president.

This academy currently has more than 1,200 members elected from more than 90 countries and territories; 14 of them have won the Nobel Prize, and about 85% come from developing nations. In the framework of this meeting, different scientific papers corresponding to the winners of different prizes that are delivered in the TWAS were presented. Also, the new elected members of TWAS, as well as the TWAS-Young Fellows were introduced. TWAS Young Fellows are scientists up to 40 years old who are accepted into TWAS and who maintain their membership for 5 years. At this meeting, it was agreed to hold the general assemblies every two years, and to hold the council meetings annually.

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