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Vacancy: ISC liaison to the UN system (Consultant position)

The ISC is looking for a consultant to represent the Council with multilateral institutions and diplomatic missions in New York (USA). Deadline for applications is 30 June 2023.

Location: New York City

The ISC is looking for a consultant to represent the Council with multilateral institutions and diplomatic missions in New York (USA). This is a temporary full-time position of 12 months with the possibility of an extension. This position will require close coordination with the ISC secretariat based in Paris (France), and occasional travel to Paris. The incumbent will report to the Head of the Global Science and Policy Unit (immediate supervisor) and to the CEO of the ISC (overall supervisor).

About the ISC

The International Science Council (ISC) works at the global level to catalyze and convene scientific expertise, advice and influence on issues of major concern to both science and society. The ISC has a growing global membership that brings together over 230 organizations, including international scientific unions and associations from the natural and social sciences, and national and regional scientific organizations such as academies and research councils. It is the largest international non-governmental science organization of its kind.

The vision of the ISC is science as a global public good. The mission of the ISC is to act as the global voice for science. As part of that mission, the ISC:

  • Speaks for the value of all science and evidence-informed decision-making;
  • Stimulates and supports international scientific research and scholarship on major issues of global concern;
  • Articulates scientific knowledge on such issues in the public domain;
  • Promotes the continued and equal advancement of scientific rigour, creativity and relevance in all parts of the world;
  • Defends the free and responsible practice of science.

Read more on the ISC through our introductory brochure and sustainability principles.

The ISC has been strengthening its activities in global policy to support a greater role of science in supporting decision-making and action on global challenges through a strategy, and a resolution adopted by ISC members in October 2021. Major progress has been made in strengthening collaboration with UN organizations through partnership agreements and joint initiatives, the engagement of Member States to champion science and actionable knowledge through the creation of a Group of Friends on Science for Action, and the ISC’s role as co-convener of the Scientific and Technological Community Major Group including for the intergovernmental process on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The ISC is looking to establish a permanent representation in New York to support its relationship building and profile-raising with New York-based multilateral organizations and UN Member States representations.


The ISC liaison to the UN system is part of the Global Science Policy Unit of the ISC secretariat based in Paris, France. The ISC liaison’s main role is to maintain and increase the ISC’s profile and relationships with New York-based multilateral institutions and countries’ representations.

In particular, the ISC liaison consultant  will be expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Act as the primary focal point for the Group of Friends on Science for Action launched in April 2023 for which the ISC will provide secretariat and technical support.
  • Engage with UN Member States representatives, including at senior level, and multilateral organizations to raise the profile of the ISC and develop collaboration and partnership opportunities.
  • Represent actively the ISC in UN meetings, both formal and informal, to substantially grow the ISC’s network of relations in New York.
  • Monitor debates and developments in the multilateral system and identify opportunities for the ISC to engage and position itself as the main interface between the global policy community and the scientific community.
  • Work with the ISC team as part of the Unit to support strategic and operational developments in relation to ISC’s work in the multilateral system.
  • Ensure the day-to-day operations, including administrative tasks, related to the function, including the preparation of briefings, progress reports and correspondence.


The ISC is looking for a dynamic individual with good knowledge and understanding of the multilateral system and the role that science can play in policy and diplomacy to join a growing team and expand the ISC’s reach and networks in New York with a minimum of 8 years’ experience of which 5 at the international level. A good understanding and experience of the institutional landscape of the global science policy interface is essential with strong motivation to enhance the role of science (from across the natural and social sciences) in policy and in society. Perfect fluency in English (written and spoken) and a good mastery of a second UN language are a requirement is a requirement.


The ISC liaison consultant is expected to be based in the New York area, work closely with the ISC secretariat and undertake occasional travel to Paris as needed. An ISC desk office in New York will be provided. The desired start date is 1 September 2023.


Applications close on 30 June 2023.

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