The call is now open for all Members of the International Science Council to nominate outstanding individuals to the Council’s four Standing Committees.

Nominations close 31 May 2022.

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In accordance with the ISC Statutes and Rules of Procedure [1] four Standing Committees shall be set up to advise the Governing Board on key aspects of the Council’s work and the Governing Board’s duties. These Committees shall be appointed by the Governing Board on the basis of nominations by Members.

We now to invite nominations for membership of the following committees:

  • Committee for Science Planning
  • Committee for Outreach and Engagement
  • Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science
  • Committee for Finance

Please note that each ISC Member may nominate a single candidate for each of the four ISC Standing Committees. Thus, each Member may submit up to four nominations, that is, one per Standing Committee. We encourage you to read the dedicated Nominations Booklet before nominating your outstanding candidates.

Key criteria for selection of members of the Standing Committees

The main criteria for selection of members of the Standing Committees are relevant expertise, experience and interest in relation to a given committee. The ISC Members, through nominations, shall encourage relevant representation from the world of policy, business and civil society.

When making nominations, please be sure to inform your candidate(s) of the responsibilities of Standing Committee members[2]. The capacity to dedicate significant time to the role is an essential criterion. This entails attendance at meetings of the committees (once per year in person and approximately three times per year remotely) as well as active engagement in pursuing committee responsibilities. The committees will conduct their work mostly by virtual means. They will be supported by the ISC Secretariat. The duration of the mandate of each committee will be three years, starting on 1 July 2022.

Further details on Terms of Reference and the duties of ISC Standing Committees are provided in the Annex to the call and the nomination forms.

The ISC Statutes make provision for up to 12 members per committee. While striving for diversity across the committees with respect to discipline, region, gender and other categories, the Governing Board intends to ensure that the size of the committees is such as to ensure maximum effectiveness in the execution of their responsibilities.

The Chairs of the four committees are provided by the current ISC Governing Board and are:

  • Committee for Science Planning:
    • Motoko Kotani (President-elect)
  • Committee for Outreach and Engagement:
    • Salim Abdool Karim (Vice-President)
  • Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science:
    • Anne Husebekk (Vice-President)
  • Committee for Finance:
    • Sawako Shirahase (Vice-President)

 Senior Advisors                            

The Governing Board has appointed, as per ISC Statute 31, four senior advisers who will assist in ensuring that the committees include people with the right knowledge and expertise and who will strive to ensure relevant representation from the world of policy, business and civil society. The four advisers are not eligible for appointment to the ISC Standing Committees. Advisors should not be approached – all queries should be directed to the secretariat.

The submission process

Nominations should be submitted through the online form below. Members should therefore fill in one form for each committee for which they would like to nominate a candidate.

Each form should include a statement of motivation by the proposed candidate, as well as the agreement of the candidate to serve if appointed. A preview of the nomination form can be found here and the full nomination booklet can be downloaded below. ⬇

Download the full nomination booklet

ISC Standing Committees 2022-2025 Nominations Booklet

The booklet contains a detailed description of each of the four Standing Committees, including:

– Terms of reference

– Skills and competencies required

– Description of duties

The deadline for submission of nominations is 31 May 2022.

Timeline for submissions

26 April 2022 Call for nominations sent to Members
31 May 2022 Deadline for submitting nominations    
7-9 June 2022  Governing Board decision on the composition of the committees    
30 June*Governing Board communiqué to Members
* Please note this has been delayed until the end of August 2022

Should you have any questions regarding the nomination and appointment process, please do not hesitate to contact Junior Administrative Assistant (Member Liaison), Gabriela Ivan,


[1] ISC Statute 31; Rules of Procedure 10.1 to 10.5 and 10.9.

[2] ISC Rules 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5, corresponding to each of the four ISC Standing Committees.

Online Nomination Form


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