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Sustainability in the Digital Age

Status: Completed
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ISC and Sustainability in the Digital Age partnered to drive transformative system changes for an equitable world.

The Sustainability in the Digital Age (SDA) initiative aims to forge multi-stakeholder partnerships and foster actions to leverage the transformative power of the digital age through research and innovation, training and network building, developing policy standards and best practices and providing collective foresight and intelligence.  

The ISC joined other partners of the SDA, including Future Earth, Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (Mila) and the German Environment Agency (UBA).

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Activities and impact

The SDA aims to steer changes in existing economic, governance, and cognitive systems towards transformation working at the intersection of digital technologies and sustainability to achieve these goals. 

The partnership is aimed at strengthening and expanding networks to advance the development of research and innovation that leverages the digital age to support societal transformations to sustainability; advancing partnerships between institutions working at the intersection of digital technologies and sustainability; and exchange of information and initiatives at the intersection of these fields and advance opportunities for ISC members to participate in these exchanges and initiatives. 


Megha Sud

Megha Sud

Senior Science Officer

International Science Council

Megha Sud

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