Eva Alisic

Professor at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Australia

ISC Fellow, Member of the Standing Committee for Science Planning 2022-2025

Professor Eva Alisic is based at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, Australia. She studies how young people and families deal with traumatic experiences and disadvantage, with the aim of improving support and services. Eva collaborates extensively with people with lived experience, policy-makers, artists and a wide range of health, education and justice practitioners. Her projects involve children and families affected by war, disaster, domestic violence and medical trauma, and have led to both policy and practice change.

Eva is a former co-chair of the Global Young Academy, and has co-chaired the InterAcademy Partnership’s project on science academies’ role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She has a keen interest in supporting early- and mid-career scholars, and has co-developed the Africa and ASEAN Science Leadership Programs.

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