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Heather Joseph

Executive Director


Involvement at the ISC

Heather Joseph is on the Steering Group of the ISC project The future of scientific publishing.


Heather Joseph is a widely respected expert on national and international open research policies, practices, and implementation strategies; she has worked on initiatives and consultations promoting the open sharing of research outputs from the United Nations to the World Bank. Through SPARC’s global network of affiliates in Europe, Asia and Africa, she is an active collaborator on projects that support community-developed and controlled solutions for knowledge sharing.

Prior to joining SPARC, she spent 15 years as a publisher in both commercial and not-for-profit journal publishing organizations. She is deeply engaged in the global knowledge-sharing community and serves on the Board of Directors of organizations ranging from the Public Resource to Our Research. She is a frequent speaker and writer on scholarly communications and higher education issues and open access to research in particular.

Source: SPARC (accessed in May 2024).

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