Annex to the Review of the Urban Health and Wellbeing Programme report.


List of acronyms

CAS                 Chinese Academy of Sciences

IAP                  InterAcademy Partnership

ICSU                International Council for Science

IPO                  International Programme Office

ISC                  International Science Council

ISSC                International Social Science Council

ISUH                International Society for Urban Health

IUE                  Institute of Urban Environment

UHWB             Urban health and well-being

UNU-IIGH        United Nations University International Institute of Global Health

Review panel members

Susan Elliott, University of Waterloo

Stewart Lockie, Committee on Scientific Planning and Review, ICSU

Billie Giles-Corti, RMIT University

Carmencita Padilla, University of Philippines

Chen Weiqiang, Chinese Academy of Sciences

List of interviewees

Jose Siri, Senior Research Fellow, UNU-IIGH

Peter McGrath, Coordinator, IAP

Montira Pongsiri, Senior Research Associate, Cornell University

Eulalie Ruan, Administration Assistant, IPO

Sharizad Dahlan, Science Officer, ICSU Regional Office for Asia–Pacific

Manuel Limonta, Director, ICSU Regional Office for Latin America

Yong-Guan Zhu, Director, IUE, CAS

Jieling Liu, intern and PhD candidate, Lisbon University

Victor Abass, PhD candidate and webpage maintenance, IUE

Franz Gatzweiler, Director, UHWB programme

Philippa Howden-Chapman, Scientific Committee Chair, UHWB programme

Fumiko Katsuga, Global Hub Director, Future Earth Japan

Susan Parnell, Professor, African Cities Institute

Carlos Dora, World Health Organization

Heide Hackmann, CEO, ISC (from July 2018); Executive Director, ICSU (to July 2018)

Jo Ivey Boufford, President, New York Academy of Medicine

Qunli Han, Executive Director, Integrated Research on Disaster Risk programme

Pascale Allotey, Director, UNU-IIGH


ICSU. 2011. Health and Wellbeing in the Changing Urban Environment: a Systems Analysis Approach. An Interdisciplinary Science Plan: Report of an ICSU Planning Group. Paris, ICSU.

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