Future development

Future development – review of the Urban Health and Wellbeing Programme

Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Role of the Scientific Committee

As stated above, the review panel strongly encourages the Scientific Committee to:

  • Review its own terms of reference and activities as they pertain to the IPO.
  • Oversee a revision of the science plan.
  • Develop and monitor implementation of a strategic plan which prioritizes activities and includes key performance indicators.

In so doing, little value is added in focussing on countries/regions where integrated research is already strong. Rather, the main gaps in research and capability lie in rapidly urbanizing parts of Asia, Africa and South America. Given that the regional offices have shown considerable interest in collaborating with UHWB, the IPO and the Scientific Committee should build on this and endeavour to strengthen these partnerships.

Strategic planning

As stated above, the review panel strongly encourages the Scientific Committee to work with the Executive Director to revise the science plan in order to ensure goals and objectives are strategic, relevant, feasible and attainable in the time remaining in the lifetime of the UHWB programme.

In so doing, the review panel recommends that the IPO establish a strategic plan that includes a logic model and/or metrics of measurement (e.g. key performance indicators) that would serve both as a rudder for day-to-day operations as well as a framework for evaluation.

Recommendations to the International Science Council

The review panel recommends that the ISC support a governance model that allows for appointment of a Co-director. This Co-director would be tasked with development of a domestic research programme in urban health and well-being (including development of postgraduate and post-doctoral programmes) and facilitating stronger linkages between the IPO, the IUE, and other domestic stakeholders.

The review panel also encourages the ISC as well as the Scientific Committee to support the IPO in the hiring of necessary staff.

Given the global importance of urbanization and urban health, the review panel encourages long-term support of the programme on the global stage and continued bridging of the programme and its concepts to the global policy arena.

Image by Clark Gu on Unsplash


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