Regional Office for Africa

Objectives and Priority Areas

Find here more information about ISC ROA objectives and priority areas.


  • To assist ISC and its members in their strategic planning for activities in Africa and ensure that their plans and activities are well linked to the science community in the region, relevant networks and organisations and reflect Africa‚Äôs priorities;
  • To facilitate the expansion and active membership of ISC to institutions in the African countries, where ISC does not yet exist.
  • To provide support and help with co-ordination, if needed, to scientific networks in the region and initiate new networks, where this has been identified as a regional priority; and assist the ISC family in identifying scientists for membership of committees;
  • To facilitate the free flow of scientists and scientific knowledge across the borders; and promote the participation of African scientists in activities of the ISC family and its associated partners such as UNESCO, TWAS and NEPAD;
  • To ensure efficient information transfer from ISC and its family members to the scientific community in Africa; and the collection and dissemination of any valuable scientific information for Africa;
  • To promote and facilitate capacity building in Africa, including support for post-graduate training programmes for young scientists; and the procurement of educational and research facilities;
  • To promote and facilitate the mobility of African scientists within the continent; including organization of regional and international interdisciplinary science programmes; conferences; and the exchange of professional visits;
    To promote and facilitate the development of indigenous and traditional knowledge and skills;
  • To promote and facilitate the formation of scientific societies and academies within the continent; sub-regional partnerships on the continent; and the establishment of a database of African experts in all science fields;
  • To promote the principle of universality of science and science ethics; and
  • To promote and facilitate the application of science for accelerated socio-economic development of the African continent.

Priority areas

The ISC ROA office has produced the following science plans for priority project areas.