Topic A: Sustainable planet for a dignified human future

Reconciling human development needs and the needs of nature requires a deep understanding of complex interactions between human and natural systems in a constantly changing world, and the capacity to translate this knowledge into action for the wellbeing of all.

It also requires a range of options and an understanding of their potentials, limits, application and unintended consequences. There is a need to urgently strengthen the type of science that takes complex and interconnected processes between human and natural systems into account, that deals with multidimensional understanding of existential risks and which considers different geographical, socio-economic and cultural contexts and is globally inclusive and relevant. To build this knowledge, the following research focus areas are proposed:

Improved understanding of the integrated Earth system with human wellbeing

Areas for scientific inquiry include:

Understanding the synergies and trade-offs between the SDGs in different contexts

 Areas for scientific inquiry include:

Improved ecosystems protection

Areas for scientific inquiry include:

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