Unlocking Science

The science of a healthier home

What would you do if your home was affecting your health? In New Zealand, issues with damp, cold houses are thought to be linked to a poorer quality of life and even hospitalisations. See how scientists and communities are coming together to change this - one home at a time.


The scientists saving Malawi’s crops

Grief can set alight passion – so when Elizabeth’s father died, she was spurred on a mission to address an alternative to chemical pesticide use. Her work into sensory repellents against Malawi’s prominent pest, the diamondback moth, could provide much-needed scalable solutions to food security.


woman scientist in the field

How one young woman’s big tech dreams became a reality

When Ileana, a high school student from rural Texas, applied for an all- female STEAM camp in Rwanda she never could have predicted the profound effect it would have on her life and career. Now working in her dream job, Ileana encourages other young women to dream STEAM.


young woman scientist

Empowering marginalized communities

The indigenous swimming camels of India’s Kutch district and their herders recently played a part in setting an important precedent. These rare camels, known as the Kharai, are only found in India’s Gujarat state, and are dependent on the mangrove islands in the creeks there for grazing. Local communities, in turn, depend on their milk and meat for their livelihoods. When a large chunk of the mangroves was destroyed for salt extraction, female herders were able to use photographic evidence, satellite images and community maps to describe the damage in order to claim rights to the common land and grazing routes, eventually winning protection with a National Green Tribunal.


Counting on mathematicians to help save the planet

On a brilliant white ice floe floating in the Arctic Ocean, a group of people in bulky coats adjust to the biting cold, having been dropped off by helicopter. “All of a sudden, I turn around and there’s a polar bear and it starts running at us,” says Jody Reimer, recounting a moment of panic. “Luckily, the helicopter swooped back in to scare the bear off, but I had the adrenaline shakes for the rest of the day,” she adds, laughing.


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