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Your eye on the ocean in the face of climate change

This brief published by the Global Ocean Observing System highlights how ocean observations enable humanity to deal with climate change.

Climate change risk assessment 2021

The risks are compounding, and without immediate action the impacts will be devastating, according to this summary of a research paper produced by Chatham House.

Nature-Based Solutions and the Green Economy

This briefing explores the ways in which nature-based solutions may contribute to a green economy, and also identifies some of the challenges and contestations when it comes to enacting a green economy through nature-based approaches. 

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Audio-visual content:

  • Getting to net zero: a systems approach – this series of video explainers produced by the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, will explore how to achieve net zero in an increasingly complex world. The videos are intended to be a guide for people responsible for delivering on targets to eliminate net emissions from human activities in the next decades. The five episodes interrogate in turn: what a systems approach to net zero is, how to apply it to transforming our infrastructure systems of transport, energy and built environment, and finally how to bring this understanding together into a systemic transition to net zero.
  • Population, Food and the Environment – a webinar convened by the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) and the Population Association of America (PAA). Find out more about the webinar and speakers here.
  • Refugee and Internally-Displaced Populations, Environmental Impacts, and Climate Risks – a webinar convened by the Population and Environment Research Network (PERN). This Webinar kicked off a May 2021 cyberseminar on new perspectives and innovative methodological approaches in geography, remote sensing, economics, disaster studies, and development studies, that shed light on the environmental and climatic challenges faced by global refugees. A primer on refugee-environment relationships and papers from the seminar are available here.
  • Podcast: Two IPs in a Pod – how can IP help encourage and incentivise sustainable innovation? Elisabeth Eppinger and Frank Tietze, who are both part of the Transformations to Sustainability programme Intellectual Property in Sustainability Transition (IPACST) project, join the podcast of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) to talk about IP and Sustainability.

The resources listed on these page are sourced from ISC Members and Affiliated Bodies. It is not an exhaustive list. If you would like to share your recent publications relevant to the UNFCCC Climate Summits (COP26 and beyond) and UN Biodiversity Conference (CBD COP15), please get in touch.

Photo: Bell’s bridge in Glasgow leads towards the Scottish Event Campus, where COP26 took place (Dun Deagh via Flickr).


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