Welcome page for new ISC members: Access the ISC Action Plan 2022-2024, key publications and initiatives, Statutes and Rules of Procedure and find out about opportunities for engagement.

Welcome information kit for ISC Members

Dear new ISC Member, the ISC is delighted to share this information kit in welcoming you as a Member and looks forward to a close communication and collaboration in advancing science as a global public good.

We invite you to access the ISC Action Plan 2022-2024: Science and society in transition, key publications and initiatives, Statutes and Rules of Procedure and opportunities for engagement.

Key ISC Publications

Connecting science

International Science Council Introductory Brochure 2022

Action Plan 2022-2024: Science and society in transition

ISC banner at founding General Assembly

ISC Statutes and Rules of Procedure

Your organization in our Membership Directory

All of our Members are listed in our Membership Directory. Please liaise with gabriela.ivan@council.science to ensure your have an entry, or if you have one already, it is up to date.

ISC Members’ space

ISC Members enjoy a designated space on the website, which includes the Membership Directory, a Membership Notice Board that serves as a two-way platform where the ISC as well as other Members,  ISC affiliated bodies and partners may share information with each other and a host of other interesting information including monthly online Knowledge Sharing sessions.

In particular, the notice board below includes an overview of current and important membership-related notifications and deadlines in regard to ongoing calls to action, opportunities for engagement, an overview of upcoming ISC dates and events as well as access to the most important ISC membership-related documents. 

Opportunities for engagement

We stand ready to amplify and share your events, e-learning courses or podcasts, as well as calls for nominations, vacancies and other opportunities and initiatives with the ISC community via our website and social media channels. Please let us know so we can share your information and contributions via gabriela.ivan@council.science.

Explore other ISC Resources

Here is a list of our flagship publications we think are essential reading, for you and your members or networks.

COVID-19 Outcome Scenarios Project

The ISC launched its new COVID-19 report on 17 May 2022 outlining a range of scenarios over the mid- and long-term that aim to assist our understanding of the options for achieving an optimistic and fair end to the pandemic.

Global public good header image

Science as a Global Public Good

This ISC position paper considers those implications, exploring the ways they influence the responsibilities of scientists, both individually and collectively, and how they apply in the different settings in which science is practiced.

flag poles and rainbow ribbon

ISC strategy in the intergovernmental system

The challenges on the multilateral agenda are complex, urgent, have a degree of uncertainty and are inextricably linked. This report examines these key questions, and makes recommendations to the ISC on its strategy in the intergovernmental system.

A contemporary perspective on the free and responsible practice of science in the 21st century

A discussion paper of the International Science Council’s Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science.

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Next steps

We invite you to attend a designated “one on one” session, where your elected officials and/or general secretary meets with our designated membership team for the ISC team to learn about your scientific and organizational priorities, and for us to share our priorities with you, as we move forward in our shared values of advancing science as a global public good. Our members find these one on one sessions very helpful and they help us learn about your organization and the work you do. Make an appointment with Gabriela: gabriela.ivan@council.science.

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We encourage you to sign up to our monthly newsletters and we invite you to share these with your members and networks.

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