ISC Vision and Mission

The International Science Council (ISC) is the world’s premier representative scientific organization. It works at the global level to catalyse and convene scientific expertise, advice and influence on issues of major concern to both science and society. Its role is growing in need and importance in a world of increasing complexity and pressing global challenges.

The vision of the Council is to advance science as a global public good. Scientific knowledge, data and expertise must be universally accessible and its benefits universally shared. The practice of science must be inclusive and equitable, also in opportunities for scientific education and capacity development.

The mission of the International Science Council is to be the global voice for science; a trusted voice that speaks for the value of all science by:

1. Promoting international research and scholarship on key global challenges

2. Increasing evidence-informed understanding and decision-making at all levels of public policy, discourse and action

3. Promoting the continued and equal advancement of scientific rigour, creativity and relevance in all parts of the world

4. Protecting scientific freedom and advocating principles for the responsible practice of science

The Council convenes the scientific expertise and resources needed to lead on catalysing, incubating and coordinating impactful international action on issues of major scientific and public importance.

The Council is governed by an international Governing Board which provides scientific and strategic leadership for the organization, and is advised on key aspects of its work by a number of Advisory Bodies. The Council’s global headquarters are located in Paris, France. The ISC currently has regional offices based in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean. A General Assembly of all members is convened every three years.

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