COVID-19 actions

Summary overview of the International Science Council’s
COVID-19 response actions

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ISC-lead projects

Launched in February 2021

COVID-19 Scenarios Project
Launched in consultation with the WHO and the UNDRR and led by a multidisciplinary oversight panel the project will outline a range of scenarios over the mid- and long-term that aim to assist our understanding of the options for achieving an optimistic and fair end to the pandemic.

Launched in April 2020

COVID-19 Global Science Portal
The portal provides an overview of response to the COVID-19 pandemic by the ISC community by sharing scientific commentary and analysis, and highlighting the scale and scope of response by ISC Members and partners to this global emergency.

International collaboration

Launched in May 2020

IIASA-ISC Consultative Science Platform: Bouncing Forward Sustainably
Drawing on the combined strengths and expertise of the two organizations, this project aims to define and design sustainability pathways that will enable building-back a more sustainable post COVID-19 world.

Launched in August 2020

UN Research Roadmap for the COVID-19 Recovery
The ISC is actively supporting an initiative launched by the UN to identify research priorities that will support an equitable global socio-economic recovery from COVID-19 and continued progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Launched in May 2020

COVID Educational Alliance (COVIDEA)
An international alliance looking at the world-wide educational challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and aiming at adapting education systems to a fast changing and increasingly digital world through the use of appropriate technologies

COVID-19-related webinars and events


Global Science TV
Watch our various Science Explained and Big Thinkers episodes of Global Science TV, an initiative aimed at to sharing scientific expertise directly from experts themselves, while educating, entertaining and informing viewers on major issues of scientific relevance.

July 2021

Enhancing Policy-making During an Emergency: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic
Official ISC side-event at the United Nations 2021 High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development discussing what the pandemic has taught the global community about policy-making and what policy-makers need to do to put into practice evidence-based decision making.

April 2021

The Two Psychologies of the Pandemic: From Fragile Rationality to Collective Resilience
Considering how the pandemic is impacting the psychological sciences and developments within psychology, and addressing how different branches of psychology provided useful insights into thinking about the pandemic and in formulating responses.

January 2021

COVID-19 – From Recovery to Sustainability
The ISC organized an online event to kick off 2021 as a year of recovery and transformations within reach, featuring presentations and discussions around the UN Research Roadmap for the COVID-19 Recovery and the IIASA-ISC Consultative Science Platform: Bouncing Forward Sustainably – Pathways to a post-COVID World.

November 2020

Rethinking Economics in the Light of COVID and Future Crises
Highlighting some of the pressing matters on rethinking economic science, the webinar kicked-off an ISC webinar series aimed at initiating debate on what particular disciplines of science are learning from the COVID-19 experience and how they can or should ‘build back better’.

November 2020

Science in the Newsroom Global Summit 2020 – Countering Misinformation: how you can make a difference
The promise of a vaccine for COVID-19 has provided a much-needed dose of optimism, but it also brings a new and urgent dimension to fight against misinformation which goes way beyond anything the media can tackle alone.

June 2020

The role of science and science funders in the time of COVID-19
The ISC organized a webinar discussion with national research funding agencies, development aid agencies and private foundations to showcase, stimulate and help maximize the potential impact of the growing number of national, regional and international COVID-19 research calls and programmes.

Image by CDC on Unsplash