Research Integrity

The promotion of responsibility in the conduct of science in different ways is central to the mandate of the Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in Science.

Science assessments & integrity

Following up its co-sponsoring of the World Conferences on Research Integrity since 2007, CFRS is giving consideration, at the systemic level, to the link between science assessment and research integrity. As part of this, it held two workshops in 2014 and 2015 on the topic:

Symposium “Research assessment and quality in science: perspectives from international science and policy organisations”, Rio de Janeiro, 2015

This symposium at the World Conference on Research Integrity brought together speakers from higher education, government and policy organisation, a national context and a young scientists organisation, to consider the impact of different assessment systems on science quality and research integrity from their perspective. The purpose was to take the discussion at 2014 workshop in Beijing on the functioning of different assessment systems a step further and to explore their implications, intending to generate discussion on important questions of how to structure systems to promote research integrity.

Workshop “Science assessment and research integrity”, Beijing, 2014

Attended by some 60 scientists, this workshop explored different research assessment methods, focusing on China, Brazil and South Africa as emerging and rapidly developing science systems. The discussion centring on the limitations of metrics and on the ways in which they could be refined or used differently to improve incentives for ethical research behaviour, it became evident that this would remain a core challenge for the scientific community at a time when both the role of science in society and the environment it is conducted in is changing rapidly.

Following the workshop, an article summing up the issues and challenges discussed was published in Chemistry International:

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World Conferences on Research Integrity

The International Council for Science, through its Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of Science, co-sponsored the World Conferences on Research Integrity (WCRI) that have taken place since 2007. At the 2015 WCRI, it organised a high-level symposium on science assessment and research integrity.

Statements, reports & codes

Statements were issued on the occasion of World Conferences on Research Integrity and the World Science Forum. These are complemented by statements and reports by other international bodies. At the national level, codes of conduct were drafted in many countries.


World Science Forum

World Conferences on Research Integrity

International Bodies


National codes of conduct