African Working Group on Urban Health

A platform to build critical mass of urban health researchers and practice in Africa, with the aim to promote an “Africa-first” approach to urban health issues.

At the 15th International Conference on Urban Health, the ISC and the International Society for Urban Health came together to spearhead the Africa Working Group on Urban Health.

The group is a platform that brings together researchers working in or with a focus on urbanisation and health in Africa.

The Africa Working Group has the objective to connect and share resources — to improve connections and communication between African urban health researchers in the long term and foster research collaborations and capacity building.

The platform seeks to engage with non-research actors, funders, stakeholders and policymakers in the urban space. The working group engages with UN-Habitat, WHO Global, Wellcome Trust, and WHO Afro among others.

To connect to the working group visit the online platform at the ISUH Collaboratorium.

For more information get in contact with and Yonette Thomas (