The transition to Open Access in scholarly publishing: the landscape for society publishers

A knowledge-sharing event for ISC Members and Affiliated Bodies.

14 November, 13.30 – 15.00 UTC

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In October 2021 ISC Members voted to adopt eight fundamental principles for scholarly publishing, starting with universal open access for both authors and readers. This move was in step with the times: Open Access publications are currently estimated to account for around 30 – 50% of all publications, and policies that aim to increase Open Access publishing as a central pillar of open science are being developed or implemented in diverse countries around the world.

However, models of Open Access vary, with differing impacts for the authors and readers of scientific research, as well as for the publishers of scholarly journals.

This knowledge-sharing event for ISC Members and Affiliated Bodies will provide an update on some of the latest policy changes and trends, and possible implications for society publishers both large and small.

It is aimed at all ISC Members and their individual members, as well as ISC Affiliated Bodies, and should be of interest to all who produce and publish research, act as peer reviewers or serve on editorial boards, as well as those Member representatives directly involved in the publishing system.

Watch the ISC Knowledge-sharing event:


Geoffrey Boulton

Chair of the ISC project on the future of scientific publishing, and Member of the ISC Governing Board

Malavika Legge

Program Manager, Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association

Download slides

Alicia Wise

Director, Information Power

Download slides

Rod Cookson

Managing Director, International Water Association (IWA) Publishing

Slides available to ISC Members by request to Lizzie Sayer

Peter Strickland

Executive Managing Editor, International Union of Crystallography (IUCr)

Download slides

Sara Bosshart

Head of Open Access Journals, Royal Society of Chemistry

Image by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash.


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