Our Members are at the heart of the International Science Council. The ISC draws its identity and strength from them. They convene during the General Assembly to chart the strategic direction of the organization.

ISC Membership

The International Science Council (ISC) is the only international NGO bringing together international scientific unions and associations as well as national and regional scientific organizations such as academies and research councils from the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities.

Through our Members, the ISC is unique in its capacity to integrate scientific excellence and science-policy expertise from all fields of science and all regions of the world. Together, we advance science as a global public good.

The ISC membership comprises:


Category 1 Members: Scientific umbrella organizations devoted to the practice and promotion
of a scientific discipline or area of science


Category 2 Members: Academies of sciences, research councils and analogous scientific bodies representing a broad spectrum of scientific fields and disciplines on a national, territorial or regional level


Category 3 Members: National, regional or global organizations including young scientist organizations, scientific federations and societies


Category 4 Members: Observer organizations, including co-sponsored science programmes

With the ISC’s regional presences the voice of science and the voice of ISC Members is heard at a variety of levels at the science-policy interface in a local, national, regional and international context. The ISC aims to bring synergy to the work of other regional actors to ensure that regional scientific communities are fully engaged in developing and delivering global scientific strategy and action.

Become a Member

Learn more about the value and benefits of ISC membership and add your voice to the global scientific debates by joining the ISC’s membership.


Anne Thieme

Membership Liaison Officer

Gabriela Ivan

Membership Development Officer

Member Engagement

ISC Members chart the strategic direction of the ISC and come together at the General Assembly to determine the priority agenda of the scientific work and the ISC governance. They nominate candidates for both the ISC Governing Board and the ISC advisory bodies and contribute to the implementation of the ISC Action Plan, which sets out a practical framework towards our vision of science as a global public good.

ISC Members harness unique global opportunities on international activities, funding and other opportunities for collaboration. They receive regular and exclusive correspondence including updates on ISC developments and opportunities for collaboration. A devoted membership team ensures the promotion and amplification of Members’ activities, facilitates the connection among Members and with relevant stakeholders and representatives from the ISC community, and connects with individual Members on a bilateral basis to align areas of work.

📑 ISC Membership Notice Board – All current opportunities, deadlines, events and documents for Members at a glance.

ISC Knowledge Sharing Sessions – Enhancing and strengthening the relationship among the ISC membership by convening regular virtual dialogues for ISC Members with topics ranging from Q&A sessions on ISC governance, consultations on ISC projects, informal discussions and workshops.

🔀 Amplifying opportunities – ISC Members benefit from free promotion of their impact stories, events, job openings, calls to action and other opportunities via the ISC social media channels, the ISC newsletter and the ISC science opportunities page and events page.

💡 ISC Knowledge Sharing Platform – Closing knowledge gaps and enhancing knowledge sharing among the ISC membership.

🖋 Guest Blog – ISC Members are invited to contribute guest blogs to the ISC homepage

Member Commitment

ISC Members support the ISC’s values of excellence and professionalism; inclusivity and diversity; transparency and integrity; innovation and sustainability. They adhere to the ISC’s vision of science as a global public good and its mission to provide a powerful and credible global voice for science. ISC Members commit to paying an annual membership fee and comply with the ISC Statutes and Rules of Procedure, notably Statute II., Article 7, which sets forth the Principle of Freedom and Responsibility in Science.

Designated ISC focal points appointed by Member organizations are tasked with the regular and continuous liaison of the Member organization with the ISC. They ensure the Member organization’s regular contributions to our various calls to action and disseminate relevant ISC opportunities and events to their members and wider networks. In addition, focal points provide the ISC with updates on changes to their organization’s executive, ensure that the annual ISC dues are paid, and provide a handover of the “ISC file” if a new person is appointed as the ISC focal point.

Diversity in science is reflected in the diversity of the ISC membership. Such diversity of disciplines and epistemologies play across different aspects of the science enterprise resulting in knowledge that is salient, timely and cogent. The ISC constituency as a whole will continue to nurture and treasure the diversity of and synergies among all ISC Members.

Salvatore Aricò
Chief Executive Officer of the International Science Council

Image by SNeG17 on Shutterstock

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