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ISC Monthly

Join over 15,000 subscribers who opted in to receive our monthly round-ups of key updates and events from the scientific community.

UN Science at the United Nations

Interested to learn more about science at the United Nations (UN)? Opt in to receive occasional newsletters featuring various opportunities to make your scientific contribution to the UN processes and events.

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Open Science round-up

In a monthly feature, we share the latest news on open science: big stories, events, opportunities and our top ten reads. You can read them on our website or opt in to receive them directly in your inbox.

Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR)

The International Science Council has launched a monthly newsletter dedicated to the wider EMCR community and our Members, including Young Academies and Associations. We encourage you to share this newsletter within your institutions and networks, reaching out to any scientists whom you think might be interested.

Science for Disaster Risk Reduction

Subscribe to receive occasional updates about international research on disaster risk reduction, as well as relevant opportunities for the scientific community – such as taking part in global policy-making and UN processes and supporting and informing pathways towards a risk-informed development.

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Centre for Science Futures

Subscribe to receive occasional news from the ISC think tank on emerging trends in science.

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ISC Job Alerts

This biweekly newsletter features jobs, grants, fellowships and other opportunities from the ISC and the wider scientific community.

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Regional updates: Asia-Pacific

This newsletter provides occasional updates on key developments in science in Asia-Pacific.


Regional updates: Latin America and the Caribbean

This newsletter provides occasional updates on key developments in science in the Latin American and the Caribbean region.


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Regional updates: Africa

This newsletter will provide occasional updates on key developments in science on the African continent.

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