Nominations for the next intake of Fellows must reach the ISC by 15 October 2023.

New Fellows will be announced in December 2023.

2023 Call for Nominations to the ISC Fellowship

In June 2022, the International Science Council announced the creation of the ISC Fellowship and the appointment of 66 Foundation Fellows. Later the same year, it appointed a further 57 Fellows and three Honorary Fellows, bringing the present number to 126 in total. Subsequent annual calls will build the Fellowship to an anticipated 600 active Fellows. 

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This year’s call continues to seek individuals who have an excellent track record in at least two of the following domains:  

ISC Fellows are established scientists and/or thought-leaders from research and science-policy spheres who have made significant contributions to furthering the understanding, use and engagement of science, particularly at the global or transnational level. The Fellowship is a key pillar of the ISC’s mission to promote science for the common good, striving for the benefits of science to reach everyone.  Fellowships are awarded both in recognition of past services and in expectation of future services to the ISC. 

“The ISC Fellowship recognizes individuals who are contributing significantly to the global voice of science and to the vital importance of evidence-informed policymaking. Science needs stellar individuals who bring science to society, at any stage of their career, in any discipline, and from all parts of the world”. 

Terrence Forrester, Chair, Fellowship Foundation Council 


2023 Call for nominations to the ISC Fellowship

Who are we seeking? 

Prospective ISC Fellows will be established social and natural scientists, engineers, communicators and thought-leaders who have made impactful contributions to science for society and/or evidence-informed policymaking at global and/or regional level. They will come from different countries and regions, disciplines, sectors and career stages; having been nominated by ISC Fellows, Members, Affiliated Bodies, Governing Board members, sister networks and key stakeholders.  

Nominations will need to satisfy three broad criteria: (i) relevant expertise, (ii) a track record of contributing to science policy/science for society, and (iii) global or regional or societal influence. They should have the capacity to add value to the ISC’s mission and, in accepting any offer of a Fellowship, confirm their commitment to assist the ISC, when practicable.  

Membership of the Fellowship should be inclusive, with no less than 40% representation of either gender or of the Global North or South. 

What will Fellows do? 

ISC Fellows serve as experts and advisers for the ISC’s governance, scientific initiatives and partnerships, and as ambassadors and advocates for science for the global good. They can help amplify the global voice of science in multiple ways, for example by: 

  • participating in ISC projects, sitting on advisory committees and working groups;  
  • promoting ISC’s profile, activities and reports in the media and policy sphere;  
  • developing key relationships and gaining access to strategically important individuals and organizations in multiple sectors;  
  • supporting ISC regional focal points and national members in their work;  
  • assisting the ISC in gaining access to resources (intellectual and financial);  
  • facilitating the engagement of early career and next generation scientists; 
  • contributing to foresight and futures thinking; 
  • advising on the recruitment of new ISC Members. 

Who can nominate Fellows?  

Nominations may be made by two categories of individual: 

Group A 

Nominations from Group A must be supported by two signatories (the primary nominator plus a supporter). The signatories must come from different ISC Members or Affiliated Bodies or be Fellows who are not members of the same ISC Member or Affiliated Body.  

Group B 

Nominations from Group B need only one nominator and shall be considered if the nomination is supported by three vice-presidents of the ISC Governing Board. 

Nominations will remain valid for three years, so nominations made in 2022 do not need to be resubmitted. 

Who can be nominated? 

Nominations are encouraged for those who are providing exemplary service to science for the global good, with the following categories of individual being especially welcome: 

  • early and mid-career researchers, especially those working in the Global South
  • displaced and at-risk scholars 
  • researchers in engineering and other underrepresented disciplines in ISC
  • scientists working in business and international development sectors
  • non-scientists who have influence in the science-policy sphere e.g., science journalists, entrepreneurs in education and innovation, science media personalities.

Nominators are encouraged to look within and beyond their respective membership, perhaps inspired by other quality-assured sources, such as: 

How do we nominate?

Nominations must be submitted on a nomination form below, with the following elements: 

  • The name and relevant details of the nominator(s) and the nominee. 
  • For nominators in Group A, affirmation by the individual submitting the nomination that the other named nominator supports the nomination.  
  • A succinct overview statement by the nominator summarizing the basis for the nomination and how they can contribute to the ISC mission (up to 100 words) [please write in an impersonal manner, as this text may be used on the ISC website].  
  • A longer justification, in up to 400 words, for the nomination, that provides examples to support the 100-word statement; highlighting the nominee’s achievements and wider contributions to science through leadership, organization, scholarship or communication. 
  • The nominee’s Curriculum Vitae:
  • Up to two pages, focusing on the contributions of the candidate which form the basis of the nomination 
  • Up to one additional page for appropriate supplementary evidence substantiating the nomination (weblinks can be given).
  • Declaration of Understanding signed by the nominee, confirming the nominee’s intention to accept the fellowship if offered and their understanding that the ISC will hold the information submitted for the duration of their candidature and if successful, the fellowship (see also ‘Data protection’ below). 

Nomination Form

Nominations can be submitted by completing the online form below by 15 October. Self-nominations are not accepted.


Type of nominator

Please note: Nominations from nominators of Group A (below) must be supported by a second signatory who must be a representative of another ISC Member or ISC affiliated body, or an ISC Fellow who is not a members of the same nominating Member organization. Nominations from Group B need only one nominator and shall be considered if the nomination is supported by the three vice-presidents of the ISC Governing Board.



A succinct overview statement (up to 100 words) summarising the basis of the nomination – the nominee’s professional context and experience in relation to the value they bring to the ISC – and encapsulating their core strengths.
A longer justification (up to 400 words) for the nomination that provides examples to support the 100-word statement; highlighting the nominee’s achievements and wider contributions to science through societal impact, science leadership, science promotion/communication, and scholarship.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload the nominee’s CV as a pdf document (max. 2 pages)


Nominees need to have agreed to their nomination before it is submitted.


Please read the FAQ section above carefully, and if your question is not answered, contact Tracey Elliott

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