Terrence Forrester

ISC Foundation Fellow (June 2022)

Involvement at the ISC

  • Chair of the Fellowship Council
  • Member of the ISC Small Island Developing States Liaison Committee


Dr. Forrester is Chief Scientist for UWI SODECO (Solutions for Developing Countries) and Professor of Experimental Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of the West Indies (UWI). He is a clinical scientist with a longstanding interest in the etiology and pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease, primarily hypertension, especially the long term implications of early developmental impairment due to malnutrition. He also has spearheaded translation research in the social space; for example, currently UWI SODECO is rehabilitating a 40km stretch of coastal marine forest (mangroves) badly damaged over decades as a national initiative to enhance coastal resilience. Dr. Forrester provides advice to  a number of international organizations.

This page has been updated in May 2024.

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