Governing Board

The ISC Governing Board is mandated by the General Assembly (GA) to implement the decisions of the GA, with the help of the ISC Secretariat.

The current Governing Board of the International Science Council was elected at the General Assembly in Paris on 4 July 2018 for a designated period of three years. The Governing Board consists of 16 members, including the President, the President-elect, who will assume the Presidency at the next General Assembly in 2021, as well as four further officers and ten additional ordinary members.

The Governing Board is one of the key decision-making bodies of the International Science Council providing scientific and strategic leadership to oversee achievement of the Council’s vision, mission, principles and values, and to secure the financial and management robustness of the Council.

ISC Governing Board Officers

Daya Reddy


Peter Gluckman


Elisa Reis


LI Jinghai


Alik Ismail-Zadeh


Renée van Kessel


ISC Governing Board Ordinary Members


Heide Hackmann

ISC Chief Executive Officer