CFRS Current projects

The Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science (CFRS) is leading a number of projects on issues related to scientific freedoms and responsibilities.

CFRS Current projects

Freedom and Responsibility in the 21st Century

The Principle of Freedom and Responsibility in Science is at the heart of all the Council’s work. The developments in this century demand a review of the meaning of this Principle, and of the role of bodies such as the ISC in upholding its basic tenets in this new and rapidly evolving context. 

Combating Systemic Discrimination in Science

As the global voice for science the ISC must be responsive to public priorities and concerns. This project aims to lead a global dialogue to determine concrete steps aimed at correcting systemic discrimination in science.

Science in times of crisis

This project comprises two key priorities:

1) Science in Exile aims to create a network of like-minded organizations that will work together to develop and roll out a coordinated advocacy campaign to support and integrate refugee, displaced and at-risk scientists.

2) Science in times of crisis seeks to convene the Council’s members and partners to respond to the multiple crises affecting the scientific community

Gender equality in science: from awareness to transformation

This project aims to increase gender equality in global science, through improved sharing and use of evidence for gender policies and programmes in scientific institutions and organizations at national, regional and international levels.

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