Listen and subscribe to our podcast collaboration with Nature and check out our own podcast ‘ISC presents’, where we provide listeners with a melting pot of insightful discussions and thought-provoking debates through the voices of guests and experts from the international scientific community.

Nature ‘Working Scientist’

The ISC is supporting a mini-series of the Nature ‘Working Scientist’ podcast dedicated to diversity in science – why it matters, and how to improve it.

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ISC Presents

ISC Presents is a podcast by the International Science Council. We discuss the challenges, stories, and celebrations of science while seeking to encourage international action on concerns to both science, and society. We look forward to listening with you.

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The ISC’s podcast series highlighting all aspects of diversity in science may contain material that some might find difficult to discuss, such as equality issues around gender, ethnicity, LGBTQI, and inclusion and disability access issues. The ISC recognizes that some of the podcasts may trigger painful memories or traumatic experiences for some of our listeners.

If a specific topic covered these podcasts raises a concern for you, please contact or your equality officer at your workplace. It is important that all members of our community contribute to a safe and positive workplace atmosphere as we explore the issues around diversity in science. It is the ISC’s hope that the topics covered in these podcasts contribute to making the positive changes we need in our science systems that reflect, celebrate, and empower all scientists in order to reach their full potential, and ultimately, contribute to the ISC’s vision of science as a global public good.

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