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ISC Presents is a podcast by the International Science Council. We discuss the challenges, stories, and celebrations of science while seeking to encourage international action on concerns to both science, and society. We look forward to listening with you.

Listen and subscribe to our podcast collaborations and check out our own podcast ‘ISC presents’, where we provide listeners with a melting pot of insightful discussions and thought-provoking debates through the voices of guests and experts from the international scientific community.

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Most recently: Science fiction and the future of science

Scientists and researchers increasingly value science fiction for its contributions to anticipating future scenarios. As part of its mission to explore where changes in science and science systems are leading us, the Centre for Science Futures sat down with six leading science fiction authors to seek their perspectives on how science can meet the many societal challenges we face in the next decades. This podcast series is in partnership with Nature.

Over six episodes, airing every Monday (starting 6 November 2023) this series will explore the authors’ creative processes, including their sources of inspiration for crafting realistic future scenarios, as well as their perspectives on various aspects of science and technology, such as climate change, food security, and the implications of artificial intelligence (AI).

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