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ISC Members invited to participate in mapping scientific breakthroughs with GESDA

Anticipate future scientific and technological advances and their impact on people, society, and the planet by supporting the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator – GESDA - and its Science Breakthrough Radar surveys and interviews.

The mission of the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA) is to engage in science diplomacy and strengthen the international Geneva ecosystem by creating a “Science Breakthrough Radar”, which will anticipate scientific breakthroughs in five, ten and 25 years, based on the input of the global scientific community.  

In order to develop the Radar into a rolling tool for science anticipation, to keep up with In 2021 this has been compiled in the “GESDA Scientific Breakthrough Radar”, which was launched at the inaugural GESDA high-level summit in Geneva, October 2021. The Radar promotes science and diplomacy discussions around future breakthroughs, and feeds their findings into the design of concrete initiatives for the global common good.

For 2022 GESDA is looking to update the 18 topics which were identified in 2021 and add 10 new topics by conducting a brief survey that analyzes the maturity, momentum, impact and recent developments in order to map potential scientific breakthroughs. 

ISC Members are invited to share perspectives on future scientific breakthroughs in the following Radar enhancement topics surveys:

Emerging topic and link to briefsLink to the surveys
Advanced Artificial IntelligenceSurvey link
Quantum TechnologiesSurvey link
Brain-inspired ComputingSurvey link
Biological ComputingSurvey link
Augmented realitySurvey link
Collective IntelligenceSurvey link
Cognitive EnhancementSurvey link
Human Applications of Genetic EngineeringSurvey link
Radical Health ExtensionSurvey link
Consciousness AugmentationSurvey link
OrganoidsSurvey link
Future therapeuticsSurvey link
DecarbonizationSurvey link
World SimulationSurvey link
Future Food SystemsSurvey link
Space resourcesSurvey link
Ocean StewardshipSurvey link
Solar Radiation ModificationSurvey link
Infectious diseasesSurvey link
Complex Systems for Social EnhancementSurvey link
Science-based diplomacySurvey link
Digital Technologies and ConflictSurvey link
Democracy-Affirming TechnologiesSurvey link
Future of EducationSurvey link
Future EconomicsSurvey link
Advances in Science DiplomacySurvey link
The Origins of LifeSurvey link
Synthetic BiologySurvey link

The work will be presented through the “GESDA Scientific Breakthrough Radar” at the GESDA Annual Summit on 12-14 October 2022. GESDA is inviting those who participate a complimentary virtual invitation to join the event.

ISC Members and Affiliated Bodies are encouraged to share the survey with your communities and networks to be part of this engaging process.

GESDA is looking forward to receiving your perspectives. Please contact them should you have any questions or need for further information. 

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

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