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All ISC members are invited to complete the form below to provide contacts for their entry on the ISC membership online directory. This is how we will keep in touch with you.

In addition, please consider providing us with updates to your contact details on a regular basis, particularly when newly elected officials are appointed, to ensure an effective flow of information between your organization and the ISC. You may choose to complete only the relevant and applicable sections that need updating on the form below.

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Additional contact details - ISC focal point

Please let us know if there is a dedicated person (ISC focal point or main contact person) dealing with ISC matters within your organization.

Additional contact details - Communications

Please let us know who is the dedicated contact point within your organization regarding communications (i.e. communications director, digital communications, etc.).

Additional contact details

Please include here any other contacts within your organization who should be added to our database and receive regular membership mailings from the ISC.


Is your organization facilitating any international webinars, conferences or other events in the near future? We would be delighted to list your upcoming events on the ISC events page ( and share them on social media.


Does your organization currently have any vacant positions or other job opportunities available? We would be delighted to share your current and future vacancies on the ISC vacancies page (

Opportunities and other documents to share

Does your organization currently have any other opportunities, calls, initiatives or interesting stories, podcasts or e-learning courses to share with other ISC Members and the international scientific community?

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