Our staff

The ISC’s headquarters is based in Paris and ensures the day-to-day planning and operations under the guidance of the elected Governing Board. The ISC has Regional Focal Points that are staffed locally.

Our staff


Mathieu Denis

Senior Director, Centre for Science Futures

Alison Meston

Director, Communications

Sarah Moore

Director, Operations

Vanessa McBride

Director, Science


Katsia Paulavets

Senior Science Officer

Megha Sud

Senior Science Officer

The Centre for Science Futures

Working to improve our understanding of current and upcoming issues relating to science futures, science systems, and policy for science

Dureen Samandar Eweis

Science Officer

Freedom and Responsibility in Science

Working at the intersections between science and human rights to uphold and protect the freedoms that scientists should enjoy, and the responsibilities they carry while engaging in scientific practice

Vivi Stavrou

Vivi Stavrou

CFRS Executive Secretary / Senior Science Officer

Gustav Kessel

Gustav Kessel

Special Advisor to the Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in Science

Global Science Policy Unit

Mobilizing scientific and policy expertise in the UN and intergovernmental processes 

Anne-Sophie Stevance

Senior Science Officer, Head of Unit

Anda Popovici

Science Officer

James Waddell

Science Officer, Political Affairs Liaison

Morgan Seag

Liaison to the UN system

Hélène Jacot des Combes

Project Manager

Communications and Membership Outreach

Zhenya Tsoy

Senior Communications Officer / Digital Lead

Anne Thieme

Membership Liaison Officer

Gabriela Ivan

Membership Development Officer

Léa Nacache

Communications Officer


Natacha de Marchi

Senior Financial Officer

Mayette Geronimo

Financial Officer

Alexandra Guennec

Senior Human Resources Officer

Yun-Kang Ahn

IT Officer

Eric Leparmentier

General Services

Miia Ylöstalo-Joubert

Senior Administrative Officer and PA to the CEO

Jane Guillier

Jane Guillier

Administrative Officer

Olivia Tighe

Administrative Officer

Sarajuddin Barekzai

Administrative Officer

Special appointments

Peter Bridgewater

Special Adviser

Moumita Koley

Consultant Campaign Manager for the Future of Scientific Publishing projec

Regional presence

Carolina Santacruz

Carolina Santacruz-Perez

Science Officer, Latin American and Caribbean

Petra Lundgren

Director, Asia-Pacific

Aleta Johnston

Communications Manager, Asia-Pacific

Salote Austin

Oceania Programme Manager, Asia-Pacific

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