How to become a Member

Together, we advance science as a global public good. Add your voice to the global scientific debates and be part of the global voice fo science.

How to become a Member

Join an ever-increasing global membership that helps strengthen international science for the benefit of society, building the capacity to bring together and integrate scientific excellence and science-policy expertise from all fields of science worldwide. By becoming a Member of the ISC, your institution will become part of the global voice for science.

Value of ISC membership

Benefit from voting (as a full Member) and nominating rights as well as access to international opportunities to advance your scientific priorities and interests, including participation in important international scientific conversations and activities organized in the framework of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum among others. Explore opportunities to collaborate with other Members on issues of common interest and obtain access to information on international scientific developments, including funding opportunities and support for the exchange of best practices. Strengthen national and international awareness of the disciplinary or national scientific communities relevant to your organization and amplify your messages through the ISC channels.

More information on the value and benefits of ISC membership.

Membership categories

Our Members adhere to the Council as institutions in the following categories:

1. Category 1 (Full Member): Scientific unions, associations and similar bodies, being international scientific organizations devoted to the practice and promotion of specific scientific disciplines or areas.

2. Category 2 (Full Member): Academies of sciences, research councils or analogous not-for-profit scientific bodies representing a broad spectrum of scientific fields or disciplines in a country, region, territory or globally.

3. Category 3 (Affiliated Member): Other bodies, being governmental and non-governmental organizations, whose activities are in a field cognate to those of the Council.

The ISC does not offer individual membership. If your institution does not meet the eligibility criteria, please consider engaging in ISC activities through membership with one of our Members.

When adhering to the ISC community, Members commit to supporting ISC values, to complying with the ISC Statutes and Rules of Procedure and to adhering to the ISC’s vision of science as a global public good as well as its mission to provide a powerful and credible global voice for science. Members are invited to participate in events and activities of the community, be represented at the ISC General Assembly, and to engage with the ISC science programmes and affiliated bodies.

Membership dues

Membership to the ISC is subject to an annual membership fee within a scale determined by the General Assembly. Currently, dues for full Members in Category 1 are determined by the income from the organization’s own membership fees while dues for full Members in Category 2 are based on the national GDP. Dues for Affiliated Members currently amount to a fixed fee of € 541 p.a. in 2023.

Apply for ISC membership

Interested in joining our global membership and in adding your voice to the global scientific debates? We look forward tor receiving your organization’s application. Please get in touch should you have any questions regarding ISC membership.


Anne Thieme

Membership Liaison Officer

Gabriela Ivan

Membership Development Officer

Image by Jamie Templeton on Unsplash

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