Five top webinars of 2020

Like everyone else, in 2020, we convened virtually. The pandemic loomed large in our online discussions, but we also made space for other equally pressing and critical conversations in science, such as combating systemic discrimination, or rethinking human development for today’s world. We selected our top 5 webinars for you to explore over this quieter period.


What are the climate breakthroughs in 2020?

"Science will solve this" is one of the key mantras of the Australian Academy of Science, the ISC's Global Science TV partner. As part of our series Towards 2021: A year of transformation, this month's episode of Global Science TV focuses on the Falling Walls theme of Climate Science Innovations.


Preparing for the launch of the Human Development Report

In preparation for the launch of the Human Development Report on 15 December, the ISC and UNDP embarked on an ambitious project to Rethink Human Development. A key message from the launch of the dialogue and global relay dialogues on World Science Day 2020, was that human development must reflect cultural and societal values, while restoring natural ecosystems.


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