Confronting the Problems of Our Time

In the context of publishing our 2018 Annual Report, we asked Ismail Serageldin and ISC Patron, to share his thoughts on science in the 21st century.


Distributed models for open access publishing: Q&A with Martin Eve

<p>The Open Library of Humanities has demonstrated a model for high-quality open access publishing, without Article Processing Charges. We asked Chief Executive Officer Martin Eve whether the Library could serve as inspiration for Learned Societies in a post-Plan S world.</p>


The triumphs and trials of transdisciplinary research: reflections on the un-disciplining of disciplines

<p>The International Science Council led a parallel session on transdisciplinary research at the recent Sida Science Days in Stockholm, May 2019. Presentations from two programmes – Transformations to Sustainability (T2S) and Leading Integrated Research for Agenda 2030 in Africa (LIRA 2030 Africa) – were profiled at both the programme level as well as the project level. Dr Zarina Patel reflects on the session.</p>


Moving on up: Rethinking the future of informal settlements in Africa

<p>In cities around the world, building upwards is the pinnacle of urban development. Densification in many cities is a powerful force for vitality, creativity, increased productivity and prosperity but can also lead to congestion and overcrowding if mismanaged. What could be achieved if we view dense informal settlements in Africa through a fundamentally different lens?</p>


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