Building resilience to the health risks of flooding in Abidjan

<p>Annual flooding in the city of Abidjan has a potentially deadly side-effect: an increase in the incidence of water-borne diseases such as leptospirosis. In this story, we find out how researchers are getting out of their labs to help communities reduce the risks of infection for the long term.</p>


The origins of the IPCC: How the world woke up to climate change

<p>On the occasion of the IPCC’s 30th anniversary, we shine the light on the series of pivotal events in 1980-85 that alerted scientists to the urgency of addressing climate change, kicking politicians into action, and ultimately leading to the birth of the world’s climate science assessment body.</p>


The state of biodiversity in the regions: What to expect from the IPBES in 2018

<p>In this second part of our series explaining these mega-processes, we look at the newcomer to the big global environmental assessments: the International Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). Created in 2012, with 127 member states, it is the leading international body for assessing biodiversity and ecosystem services.</p>


Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

Why 2018 is a big year for global environmental assessments

<p>From oceans to pollination to our continued struggle against our carbon addicted societies, have you ever wondered what drives the appearance of these headlines in our news feeds? As the International Panel on Climate Change prepares to mark its 30th anniversary a central achievement has been to put climate change high on the public agenda. But how many know what the IPCC is and what it does? The IPCC is just one of the so-called global environmental assessments that bring together the best scientific knowledge for a policy audience via the collective efforts of thousands of volunteer scientists and the world’s governments. As 2018 rolls around we look at why it will be a big year for these global environmental assessments.</p>


Delegates discuss the decision text on the 1.5°C Special Report
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