Is the future of farming indoors?

The fertile soils of Kashmir, India, have changed drastically since Dr Rakesh was a young girl. With climate-dependent agriculture becoming increasingly difficult, one Australian university is working with institutions and “ag-entrepreneurs” like Malika in the fight to feed a growing population.


Printing solutions to pollution at sea

The ocean's ecosystem endures regular trauma from sea craft, such as pollution from oil and noise. But a more sustainable future of sea transport could be possible, with the help of 3D printers.


The locals leading more sustainable science in the Amazon

In the Brazilian fishing community of São Raimundo do Jarauá, getting a catch has not always been easy. But by harnessing the traditional knowledge of locals like Tanya and Gilmar and bringing them into the conversation, science practice in the Amazon can help to socially – and sustainably – maintain traditions, food supply, and income.


Food for thought: How autonomous technology could change your day-to-day

From food-bots to a bus driven by AI, the grounds at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University are a technological wonderland. Allowing scientific potential to flourish through student-led programmes, and piloting pioneering technology on campus, it’s a glimpse into the future of everyday life in one of the world’s smartest cities.


Inside the fight to save the Great Barrier Reef

Over half a billion humans and a quarter of the ocean's fish rely on healthy coral reefs for food, protection, and more - yet climate change as well as man-made and natural disturbances are detrimental to these unique ecosystems. See how scientists are encouraging coral’s recovery, allowing nature a chance to bounce back.


The female future of science in Africa

In Africa, science has traditionally sought to address development issues - but this is changing. Female scientists are challenging traditional norms through a curiosity-driven, creative approach.


Battling bias in AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can seem daunting to some and revolutionary for others - but can scientists unlock its possibility to benefit marginalised people? Explore how AI is being used to champion equality and inclusivity at the cutting edge of software innovation.


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