Enhancing Policy-making During an Emergency

The responses to the pandemic have not only sparked a plethora of discussions both within and outside the world of science, but have required science to step up to the challenge. Indeed, throughout the crisis, many politicians have talked about the importance of “following the science” when implementing COVID-19 policy. However, there has sometimes been a disconnect between government policy and the fast-evolving scientific evidence.



Astrophysicist Dr Brittany Kamai helped organise academics and scientists around the world to stop work in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Video: A new culture of research to transform cities in Africa

Africa is urbanising more rapidly than any other part of the world. In a new video from a meeting of the LIRA2030 Africa programme, we hear how early-career researchers are building a new research culture to interrogate the challenges of urbanisation and leverage opportunities to transform cities in Africa.


Video: Launching the International Science Council

<p>The International Science Council was launched at a public event in July 2018. In a new video from the launch, leading scientists set out why the Council is needed now more than ever, and share their ambitions for the global voice for science.</p>


Video: Young scientists on the future of food

<p>In April 2013, ICSU co-sponsored a young scientists networking conference on interdisciplinary research into future food systems. In this video, released today for <a href="">World Food Day</a>, participants of the conference explain their vision.</p>


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