10th European Conference on Renewable Energy Systems (ECRES 2022)

Hybrid event
10th European Conference on Renewable Energy Systems (ECRES 2022)

The purpose of the ECRES is to bring together researchers, engineers and natural scientists from all over the world, interested in the advances of all branches of renewable energy systems. Wind, solar, hydrogen, hydro-, geothermal, solar concentrating, fuel-cell, energy harvesting and other energy-related topics are welcome.

Conference topics

• Energy materials production and characterization
• Power electronic systems for renewable energy
• Conventional energy systems and recovery
• Engines and their combustion features
• Off-shore and tidal energy systems
• Energy statistics and efficiency
• Energy transmission systems
• Heating/cooling systems
• Energy/exergy analysis
• Energy efficiency
• Wind energy
• Solar concentrating systems
• Photo-voltaic and their installation
• Energy harvesters
• Smart grid
• Electrical machines
• Hydro-energy plants
• Bio-mass systems
• Bio-diesel systems
• Combustion
• Nuclear fusion systems
• Hydrogen energy systems
• Fuel-cell systems
• Efficiency in nuclear plants
• Energy education
• Energy informatics

Photo by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash

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