10th Research and Creation Conference

The International Science Council is partnering in the 10th edition of the "Research and Creation Meetings" held at the Avignon Festival - an event highlighting the link between scientific research, creation and society.
10th Research and Creation Conference

On 10 and 11 July 2023, the French National Research Agency (ANR) and the Avignon Festival of contemporary performing arts are organizing the 10th edition of the “Research and Creation Meetings” on the theme of “Tales, worlds and narratives”.

The Conference provides a rare platform for artists and researchers to discuss their work, their findings and exchange ideas to explore the dynamics between research and creation to generate new scientific perspectives.

The discussions will delve into a wide range of social and human sciences behind some of the Festival’s performances. The play “Neandertal“, directed by David Geselson, based on the work from Nobel Prize winner Svante Pääbo on the Neanderthals, will serve as a vehicle to explore our origins through the lenses of palaeoanthropology, medieval history, and archaeology.

The play dedicated to Virginia Woolf “Écrire sa vie” directed by Pauline Bayle, will frame a discussion around consciousness through interventions from experts in cognitive neurosciences, English and French literatures, modern history and developmental psychology.

Another session will investigate research perspectives on slavery and gender with the help of sociology, French and Caribbean studies and philosophy, in relation with the work Emilie Monnet, director of the play “Marguerite : le feu“.

This two-day event will be followed by a Forum on “Working in the performing arts! Meaning, Commitment, Experience” organized on 13 July. The Forum will provide an opportunity for culture professionals and researchers to share their thoughts on two major themes: thinking about the creative ecosystem and culture as a public good.

More information about the programme.

The discussions will be held physically at the Festival and will be broadcast online.

Please note that these events will be held in French.


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Image by Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash.

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